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PostSubject: Useful Addons   Useful Addons EmptySat Mar 27, 2010 9:09 pm

There is a wide varity of addons available for Runes of Magic which can all be found on You can either download them manually or via the Curse Client. If you decide to download addons manually be sure to create an addons folder beforehand. The path should be something like this: E:\Runes of Magic\Interface\AddOns

Here is a list of useful addons:

Auction & Economy:
  • AdvancedAuctionhouse: This addon is an improvement of the standard game auction frame. It adds several new features and improves or fixes basic features of the auctionhouse.

  • yGather: yGather - Gatherers Map is a resource stack mapper. It records resource stack locations as you walk by and shows them on the worldmap.

Bags & Inventory:
  • Inventory Viewer: Displays items in various storage locations across multiple accounts and characters without having to visit your house or switch accounts/characters.

  • Lootomatic: Lootomatic is an addon, which handles (probably) everything about looting and lootdistribution.

  • sRepair: Repairs the equipment, as soon as the shop is opened. Not necessary to download if you have pbInfo as it has that functionality as well.

  • StatRating: StatRating is an interface addon to display the physical and magical effects of attributes. Whereever a tooltip is given, StatRating injects a detailed description of every attribute available.

Chat & Communication:
  • ComeOnIn: ComeOnIn is an Addon for AutoInvites and partymanagment under one simple statement: High functionality, easy handling.

  • WoWMap: The aim of WoWMap is to make the worldmap of RoM feel like you may know it from WoW i.e. the map handling will be changed to feel more like WoW. For easy installing check out HowToDoIt: Maps in instances.

  • Assistant: To "assist" someone is to attack what they are attacking. This add-on sets your Main Assist (MA) by name, auto-updates MA position (party1, party2, etc) if party/raid changes, and remembers the MA across playing sessions.

  • ClassSwapHelper: Instantly swap your main class and secondary class when using the Housekeeper or Class Master NPC.

Quests & Leveling:
  • KillStats: KillStats shows names, levels and HP of monsters that you killed during your adventures in Taborea, along with the total number of kills.

  • Mob Info Tracker: This is a newly started addon that will track the exp, tp and kills you get as you slaughter your way through RoM. It will also track the item drops you get from each individual kill and display that information inside the tooltip for that creature.

  • GuildPanel: This addon is a replacement of the current Guild Frame.

  • pbInfo: pbInfo offers multiple features to ease your daily Runes of Magic life. This add-on shows a tooltip with several information about the mob, player or NPC you are hovering, a tooltip with information about gathering materials and it modifies the target blood bars to show a mob's real healthpoints.

  • RoMBa: RoMBa represents an information-bar which will be displayed on the upper edge of the gui. It provides different goodies, like alarmclock, easy-command-access and afk-mode for example.

Unit Frames:
  • GridCliqueIt: GridCliqueIt is trying to be a compact healing solution much like Grid + Clique are in WoW.

I added some more addons that I use to the list which Poodie posted in game. If you have any other useful addons, please post them here as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Useful Addons   Useful Addons EmptySat Mar 27, 2010 10:36 pm

Here are some others addons I found out useful. I also made some comments about other addons Pheria mentioned.
Those aren't all I use. Most of my where described by Pheria. I've added some nots where I felt necessary.

  1. RoMBa & Xbar
    Those two addons do the same: replace default experience bar on the lowest part of UI. Xbar have LOTS of functions, additional addons and is more better then RoMBa in this way. On the other hand Most of those functions are useless, They take only CPU time and except the "cool look" they do not give good functionality.
    Thats why I'm using RoMBa - simple, easy to use and have everything I need: gold, exp meter, items dura stats and clock.
  2. adBuffBars
    This addon allows to replace the buff icons into the bars. While buff time expires, bar becomes shorter, starts indicating that buff is about to expire. This addon in great - bars are more readable then icons with timer. Esspecialy in party/raid, where are a lot of buffs/debuffs running at the same time on you and your target.
    AdBuffBars provides 4 areas: buffs and debuffs on you and buffs/debuffs on target. Good for me, as a DoT/CC user - I know when my spells are about to expire.
    You can see an exaple with 2 buffs on me in this topic - below the quest tracker.

    AdBuffBars has one major drawback - it's extremely buggy. Project wasn't updated for a long period of time. It really hard to set buff bars area in fixed position. After you relog, debuff bars will change position to deafult: on the left from buff bars. Also you can't move buffs/debuffs area if you don't have buff/debuff at this time.
    This project is no longer hosted on, I gave a link to RoM forums.There are a lot of modifications of this addon, you will probably have to ready whole linked topic to get it working (unless someone packed all mods to one addons and publicized it. Haven't checked this recently)

    AdBuffBars has many drawbacks, but still, I got used to them. I had to use another addon (ikarus) to change most of my UI and be able to set this one on fixed position.

  3. Ikarus
    This addon allows to completely change UI - hp bars, location...everything. It takes several days to master all functions and test them in real combat, but the effect is awesome. I could remove all parts of UI I don't need (for example target's portrait) and change location of other (my hp and mana bar). I moved everything to lower area of UI, to have more space at center and upper area, So I can see more of the battlefield, don't need to change my point of view every time I need to check my current hp/mana at the same time click the skills.

    There are other addons to make such manipulations, but I found that one most suitable for me.
  4. RoMail2
    This little addon adds some cool features for the mail box. A must-have for me.

    There is also a bigger Ultimate mail mod, but it's like RoMBa and XBar - choose it when you need all those functions.
    +RoMail2 have a sexy voice notification when you get a mail (Master, I have new mail for you)

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PostSubject: Re: Useful Addons   Useful Addons EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 7:31 pm

With the increasing spam of gold sellers I thought it is time to recommend another really useful Addon Smile

Ultimate Blacklist:

Ultimate Blacklist works differently than other Blacklist Addons in that it does not use the default and limited ingame blacklist to get the job done.

It works by checking chat messages (Zone, Whisper, etc..) and instead of adding a player to the ingame blacklist it adds the player to its own array. This allows for an unlimited amount of players on blacklist.

After downloading it you can access the config panel by typing /ubl in your chat window. Ultimate Blacklist starts blocking world chat spam messages as soon as you check the box in front of Filter World Chat in the Config (button at top right corner). If any messages are still getting through, just add an appropriate word to the keyword list.

Ultimate Blacklist can also block the annoying banner messages (the ones which display across your screen) by checking the appropriate box. You will only have the message in your chat window then.
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PostSubject: Re: Useful Addons   Useful Addons Empty

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Useful Addons
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