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 Eiis Guild Rules

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Eiis Guild Rules

  1. All members are expected to act in cooperation of all others. / Helping other members.
    Sharing is at the heart of this guideline. If you are in a position to assist other members that have little to offer, do everything you can to help. This will help forge bonds in the guild and you will be remembered positively for it.

  2. Act in an honorable manner at all times.
    Members should always carry out actions that increase the positive reputation of our guild and not take advantage of dishonorable methods. If your idea of fun is exploiting gameplay, harassing members of this guild or the public, or otherwise acting in a way that goes against the Terms of Service, then perhaps this isn't the place for you.

  3. Treat others respectfully.

  4. Be active.
    Participate in guild chat, say hello when you come on or when someone else comes on. We're a family here. Register on the forum and keep yourself informed about guild events on a regular basis. Let us know when you will be away for a longer period of time, so we will not have to wonder what has happened to you.

  5. Group with your guild mates.
    If you are looking for party members for an instance be sure to check with your guild mates first if possible. You will be helping your guild members that way and also help the guild grow faster, so that we can tackle the more difficult instances together. Have fun in guild parties and don't blame the others if not everything went so well.

  6. Inactive limit.
    All members which have been inactive for 30 days without prior announcenment will be removed from the guild to make room for new members. If you decide to come back after this time and find yourself removed from the guild, just talk to us again and we will invite you back.

Eiis Loot Rules

  1. General Roll Rules:
    Need = You want to wear the item you are rolling on
    Greed = You want to use the stat on the item
    Pass = You want to sell the item

  2. Don't be a fool, only need/greed on stuff you will use!

  3. If you want to roll on stats for your secondary class or want a skin, ask before you roll.

  4. If you want to change any of the loot rules, say so before you start the instance run!

  5. In HoS you have 1 Need and 1 Greed winning roll, IF the party does not agree on something else.

  6. Moa Loot Rules:
    If a Moa Core drops in a KS or Cyc party, the following rules should be applied:
    1. If you have the Moa quest, you can Need on the Moa Core
    2. If you want to have your second Moa Core, you can Greed on it
    3. If you are level 50/50, you can Greed on it
    4. If none of the above (rules 1-3) applies to any of the members of the party, everyone can Need on it
    5. If none of the above (rules 1-4) appplies to you, you have to Pass it
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Eiis Guild Rules
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