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 Farming tip: Raichika aka Crazy Chicken

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Farming tip: Raichika aka Crazy Chicken Empty
PostSubject: Farming tip: Raichika aka Crazy Chicken   Farming tip: Raichika aka Crazy Chicken EmptyThu May 06, 2010 3:50 pm

Since we are here and now, might aswell write up a lil guide to make some profit. Learnt this myself couple of days ago and done it for a while.

First of all what you are looking for here is "Mana Stone Tier 4" farming. I'll list up some numbers at the end of this post.

I'll make this as simple as possible ^^

0. Get this if you dont have a similiar one:
Will make _every_ instance maps visible without a need for any other dls.

1. Prepare to waste some of your precious time with this ^^
2. Get to Ystra Highlands > tp to Royal's Refuge from npc next to Snoop.
3. Talk to Ailic inside and tp to Rear Base Camp of Royal
4. Now what you need to get are "Red Feather"s. Every mob in Royal drop these, but Chaos Bringers drop 'em 100%.
5. There are 6 Chaos Bringer Spawns, and they take quite a while to spawn.

For me spawn coords are:
18.8 37.8
10.9 32.3
23.9 7.4
19.4 28.0
27.8 38.4
29.6 55.2
(Located in those tiny rooms..)

If you start from the rear, you'll run these one by one, and end up close to Front or Middle base so you can tp back to Rear and start over. You'll figure out whats the best way to keep running around these spawns Smile
Kill or dont kill other mobs, its up to you.

6. Keep farming "Red Feather"s until you have plenty (20 is good to start with, but more the merrier)
7. Here's litttle catch tho. Raichika equals pretty much to a Iron Golem in Mystic Altar (first boss, hits pretty hard you know Razz) So be prepared.
And other thing, each party member (recommend: 2 min/max) has to have a "Red Feather" to enter boss room.
8. Entrance to Raichikas room is at Royal Refuge (Rear Base Camp) 18.5 66.0 (kinda just head south from the Rear Base)
9. Kill it and it will drop almost 100% sure a purple item, if you are unlucky it'll drop shoulders lv 44 or something, but usually its purple 48+ and those are what you're after ^^
10. Get out of the room, Change the party leadership by leaving party and redoing it Wink (dunno if simple promote leader will work)
11. Enter the room and kill Raichika again.
12. Repeat steps 10&11 alsong as you feel like (or got feathers to Razz)

Some Numbers

27x Purple lv48 items (or was it 46), 27x Transmutor Charges = 27x MS4
27x MS4, 9x Transmutor Charges = 9x MS5
9x MS5, 3x Transmutor Charges = 3x MS6
3x MS6, 1x Transmutor Charges = 1x MS7
-Total: 27x Purple item, 40x Transmutor Charges = 1x Mana stone Tier 7.
(3x Mana stone Tier 7 = 81 item, 120Transmutor Charges)

Current AH Prices
Mana stone Tier 5: 300k
Mana stone Tier 6: 750k
Mana stone Tier 7: 2.5m
Mana stone Tier 8: 7.5m

Might not be so efficient money farming for most of us(Transmutor charges), but sure is efficient way to farm some MS for your wpn or w/e.

What else.. Ohh you can repair your stuff with the teleporter inside Royal Wink
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Farming tip: Raichika aka Crazy Chicken
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