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 Scout macro ... can be also used maybe for rouges

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Novice adventurer

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PostSubject: Scout macro ... can be also used maybe for rouges   Sun May 02, 2010 1:49 pm

A "must have" for all scouts
Macro is made for upper right skillbar from position 5 to 9 ... on these positins place skills like Shot, Combo shot, piercing arrow,... all instant - semi instant skills that have cooldown and at last place put windy arrows so windy is only casted when all other (better) skills are in cooldown. Do not put Snipe here ... why? coz it's useless

/run if GetActionUsable(45) then UseAction(45); elseif GetActionUsable(46) then UseAction(46); elseif GetActionUsable(47) then UseAction(47); elseif GetActionUsable(48) then UseAction(48); elseif GetActionUsable(49) then UseAction(49); end
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Scout macro ... can be also used maybe for rouges
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