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 HowToDoIt: Maps in instances

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HowToDoIt: Maps in instances Empty
PostSubject: HowToDoIt: Maps in instances   HowToDoIt: Maps in instances EmptyMon Mar 01, 2010 12:38 pm

To have maps (the "m" key" in instances, you need special addon and mappack for it. Currently mappack have no maps of high-end instances (Zurhidion Stronghold and Hall od the Demon King). But Hear of the Ocean, Hall of Survivors and Origin, and every other map are aviable.

1. Download the "WoWmap" addon. The link below requires account on But this one addon verion has the patch in it.
2. Download mappack (eneu) download.php?3zgmjqtejdi
3. Extract mappack in the "Interface" dir: (next to AddOns, not inside it)
..\Runes of Magic\Interface\worldmap
4. Done
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HowToDoIt: Maps in instances
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