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 Plugging my band cos i can :P

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Plugging my band cos i can :P Empty
PostSubject: Plugging my band cos i can :P   Plugging my band cos i can :P EmptySun Apr 11, 2010 12:43 am

I love my band, i really do. We're heading for local radio and have promoters asking us to play gigs so we musn't suck. Though our website does not have our songs played at their best (our lead singer was hungover and had smokers cough during recording) it gives some idea what we sound like.

I Krazyfish am the drummer. The singer said being crazy was in the crazy drummer job description so i was halfway there. I'm currently still learning to drum properly.

Anyway, judge for yourselves, spread the word and if we become famous we'll tour your area and buy you drinks all night
Heres the link:

(Band names El Pig, sounded cool at the time).
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Plugging my band cos i can :P
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