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 Guild Castle Upgrades

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PostSubject: Guild Castle Upgrades   Guild Castle Upgrades EmptySat Apr 10, 2010 1:58 pm

New Guild Features

New Update adds more Challenges and fresh Adventures for Guilds

In the coming weeks the first Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms pre-launch content update will be released to the Runes of Magic servers. Apart from the already announced "Thunderhoof Hills" zone and the Monster Card System the content update focuses on improvements and additions for guilds.

  • Three new mini-games: For participation in the new training-ground mini-games "Trial of the Spirit Warrior", "Needle Drill" and "Call of the Horns" players can not only earn Honour points to spend of special equipment but also receive powerful buffs that will help their guild on the way to the top.
  • Brave Adventurers can help their guilds by completing the new Guild Quests. Successful heroes may earn their guild valuable Crystals, item packages or even Rubies to upgrade the guild castles.
  • Existing guild castles will eventually benefit greatly from the third item on the list of upgrades: While the newly available Stone Walls look more massively than the wooden Palisades right now, they will eventually improve a guild castle's defensive abilities and strengthening it against attacks from opposing guilds.

And with that it's only a few weeks until we will finally release Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms in May 2010.

Enjoy the new features!

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Guild Castle Upgrades
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