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 [Guide] Sardo Castle

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PostSubject: [Guide] Sardo Castle   [Guide] Sardo Castle EmptyMon Sep 19, 2011 12:19 pm

As usual we went into an instance, totally new to us n00bs and started dealing damage. Alas, not the way to go at first boss in SC. Finally a boss again that needs tactics instead of max dps. So we started to using a guide. And for all your convenience, here it is, almost totally ripped from different sources ofc:

1st Boss | Horatio Tia (Mamnoon) | <Mento value>

Video from Treelol:
Video from ZaPuRai:

Be sure everyone is ready before stepping over the thresholds in this instance, as the aggro range for the boss fights is minimal, several of our party were locked out when they didn't come in as a group.

Basically when you run in, 3 barrels will spawn. Immediately after 3 adds will spawn with about 300k hp. The tank must aggro the adds while the dps takes them down. Kill the barrels as close to the catapults as you can without them hitting the catapults. They can destroy the catapults.
After killing the barrels they will drop exlposives. If you click on the explosives you'll get a 20s buff that allows you to shoot the flaming rocks out of the catapult. Those do the most significant damage to the boss. You can do up to 3 shots with the catapult before the buff runs out. You also cannot specificly target the boss with the catapult, you have to target the ledge just under him (as high as you can go).

Have 3 people signed to the catapults. 1 dps and 1 tank to do adds. Healer keeps you alive in center of room.

Boss 2 | Jacklin Sardo (mrmisterwaa) | <Mento Value>

Burn as much as you can for the first 25 seconds. Boss will cast Merging Rune. Kill all traps once or twice (don't kill it again if it removed the debuff from a player.) Continue to burn the boss until dead. Best party composition for this boss fight would be 2 healers, 1 tank, 3 DPS. P/X + D/X seems to work the best as it allows for an equal distribution of heals to all targets and designate one single person to kill the traps (or have 2 DPS concentrate on the traps, preferably ranged.) If you have a single person DPS'ing the traps down after a Merging Rune. Please remember that the DoT's from each trap do stack and can do 10,000 each (30k every 2 seconds) and even more if you have the Melting Rune debuff.

Passage to 3rd boss:
involves getting bottles of water from after the 1st boss by filling up Empty Bottles with buckets to fill em up. You can disable the Devices that block each passage using the water, there is a chance the bottles of water can make the device die.

Boss 3 | Lanaik | <Mento value>
Video by mikemonkeybutt:

Every ~10 seconds, the boss will call out the name of a player in the party and run towards them and do a very powerful single hit to them. The boss will call out the name before jumping aggro towards you. You cannot slow the boss, so don't bother even trying. Best way to avoid the boss is to use speed buffs to assist you in running away from the boss.
After the 4th name is called, he'll soon enter a brief phase where he yells "DIE nameoftarget." Around the 3rd name, anyone who hasn't been called should position themselves behind a pillar. If your name is called, stick close to the pillar and be ready to run him into it when he yells out "die." This will result in all of his speed buffs disappearing, allowing the tank to safely pull aggro back.

Passage to 4
Concerning elites leading to boss - Treat him like a boss. You don't need to wait for 5 min cooldowns but it's in your best interest to. As a trash mob with 6 million hp, you'll want it to die as soon as possible.
Video of mobs leading to 4th boss from ZaPurRai:

Boss 4 | Experiment | 11 momentos (lelm27) | 10 mil HP
All u need to do is click one crystal(yellow) forget the others. Keep one ranged attacker on crystal rest dps boss when he goes up and cast bar is 1/4 the way click crystal. Dont forget to move away from him as he lands small aoe around him. Dps a little til he goes back up for his beam attack and use speed pots to get away from it. During this phase your ranged should be looking for the yellow crystal again and get ready to click if needed for the next annhilation attack. Rinse and repeat.

Boss 5

melee has to learn to stand and wait between atks
also have a DPS pick up sword and use it at the start
after agro reset, tank picks up the armor that is dropped on the floor gives you a nice buff
dps burns CDs after armor comes off
if your too close to someone else you blow up u and those around you.(looks like a green fog)
the Pillars on the side are perfect for spacing
ranged is better than meele, so much easier cuz that can stand still and meele has to run in and out of the fight between aoes and green fog
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[Guide] Sardo Castle
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