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 Siege war mercenaries

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Siege war mercenaries Empty
PostSubject: Siege war mercenaries   Siege war mercenaries EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 10:38 pm

Eiis is open to mercenaries for siege war. However we maintain certain rules about mercenaries, these are:

1* We work in 1 raid
2* Herald is a Eiis player (one who stays in Eiis)
3* Rewards need to be donated to guild (guildrunes, herbs, ...)
3.5* Personal rewards and badges are for the mercenary ofc.
4* Names given from person A (who isn't in guild) is responsible for those (person A may get blacklisted)
5* If you cannot conduct to these rules, you are not welcome for siege wars with Eiis

Happy hunting!

On behalf of leader and councils,
Orisian, Erythrocla, Wolfshamen,

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Siege war mercenaries
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