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 Kill Gestero

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Kill Gestero Empty
PostSubject: Kill Gestero   Kill Gestero EmptyWed Nov 17, 2010 1:02 am

I know you don't like to read: Simple version:

* Come in, kill the Jailor.
* Kill 10 spawns of nagas (3 nagas per spawn) and break 3 chains (orange dots) while killing them.
* Once last spawn is dead, break the 4th chain -> Assume positions on left & right and use buff pots & foods.
* Interrupt Zurhidon's from repairing chains and kill the additional nagas as well (spawn from topleft & topright in relation to the map in the link).
* Tank & spank near green dots, when gestero yells: "Bashtei era Keaqtei oitei!" then wait until cast bar is 2/3 and click on rune. Repeat until dead.
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Kill Gestero
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