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 Looking for a guild

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PostSubject: Looking for a guild   Looking for a guild EmptyThu Sep 16, 2010 10:46 am

Good day all,

My name is Carmelo Portelli I'm 37 years old and still a noob to ROM. I'm currently a LVL15 Mage Secondary Druid LVL13 and i'm looking for a guild to join. I have only been playing ROM for 3 days and have progressed quite well (i feel) having got the Logar armor set and finished all the starter quests off. I'm new to ROM like I said but not new at all to MMORPG's as I have played Guild Wars for about a year. I was in an Alliance called TIG (The Imperial Guards) in which I was both a first officer of TIGO (one of the guilds) as well as an ambassador (making decisions about how the alliance should move forward) for the alliance. I am active as in I try to be on once a day and I'm willing to help out people of both my level or lower (obviously i can't be expected to visit 1337 areas just yet) I'm looking for an english speaking european guild to help grow and make my home. Well this is my application I look forward to hearing from you soon. I can be contacted ingame on the character Flamawin Smile all the best.

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Looking for a guild
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