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 Level 50 Elite Skills Guide

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Level 50 Elite Skills Guide Empty
PostSubject: Level 50 Elite Skills Guide   Level 50 Elite Skills Guide EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 1:51 am

Level 50 Elite Skills Guide

Ok so I’ve noticed quite a few people in the guild don’t have the lvl 50 elite skills, not sure the reasons why, but I’ll try to share my knowledge about them All of the elite skills, including lower level skills can be found here , they are usually quite nice and worth getting

To get the lvl 50 elite skills you have to be at least lvl 50 on both of your primary and secondary class, and have all the lower elite skills. I’d suggest you to start the quests and at least get the rune energy extractor even if you don’t plan getting those skills any time soon, just in case you make up your mind and want them quick, or get rich enough to buy all of the supplies some day.

You can start the quests in Varanas class hall, after talking to Sigg Fletcher, he should be marked with a blue quest mark. Sig will send you to Varanas central plaza, where you can take quests for Arkana pieces. You are going to make 2 Arkanas (1 for each class), which means that you have to repeat all of the quests twice (second time will come as a daily quest).

There are two ways of completing the quests – buying the supplies needed or gathering them yourself. But the first thing you should get is the rune energy extractor which I mentioned before. It takes at least 10 days to charge one of them and they are a must to complete an arkana. You can either talk to D’Monk Jarfur in Central Plaza to get a 15 days charging one for free or talk to Noab Lucerne to buy 10 days charging one for 500 phirius tokens.

And now the quests!
Arkana’s Fearlessness:
You are going to need 3x Infernal Blackhorn (can be found in Paspers Shrine (an instance in Sascillia Stepes) as a drop from Blackhorn mobs. It also sells quite cheap in AH) and 2x Premature Soul Death, which is dropped by Dropped by the last dragon-ish bosses Krodamar and Krodamon in Necropolis of Mirror. They do not always drop them though, took me 3 tries to gather both.

Arkana’s Ambition:
1x Evil Spirit Cry and 1x Fire attack For this quest.
For Evil Spirit Cry you need to enter Ystra Labyrinth (in Harf Trading Post, talk to the NPC next to teleporter) and kill Frost Energy Guardians for a Frost Energy and Flame Rune Knights for Flame Core.
You should take Frost Energy to the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (lvl 50) instance, reach the last boss Thynos and use the Frost Energy on it when his hp drops below 50%. This well get you Fire Attack.
For Evil Spirit Cry you need to go to Mystic Altar and use the Flame Core on Evil Ice spirits when their hp drops below 50%.

Both of the items come pretty cheap in AH aswell.

Arkana’s Memory:

These are quite costly so it‘s probably esiest to get them yourself, it‘s also quite challenging and shouldn‘t be hard with our guildies ^^
You need 1x Talomo‘s Memory, 1x Enisa‘s Memory and 1x Hafiz‘s Memory to complete the quest. Talomos Memory can be looted from Loyal Talomos in Treasure Trove instance and Hafiz‘s from the last Paspers Shrine boss. Ensias Memory is from a boss in Kalin Shrine. None of the bosses got 100% drop rate for memory so it might take a couple of runs to get them.

Arkana’s Wisdom:
Need 1x Ice Fragment and 10X Rune Drop – Ice fragments are pretty rare drop from Ice Witches in Ystra (takes from 15 min to 2 hour and more to get one) but there is a 100% chance of getting one from world boss Aisha. It‘s pretty hard to spawn it though, and you would probably get an ice fragment off witches before spawning the boss.
Rune Drops are a common drop from mobs in Kalin Shrine instance.

Arkana’s Toughness:
Need: 1x Cactus Needle and 1x Hair of Raichika the Destroyer.
Cactus Needle can be obtained from any cactus boss in Dust Devil Canyon and Raichika‘s hair is dropped by the Raichika boss in Royals Refuge, Harf Trading Post. I‘ve managed to get them both from 1st kills, but heard they don‘t always drop, especially from cactus bosses.

Arkana’s Soul:
The last quest qhich u get specifically for your class. They are not too hard, but not easy to complete toom and might include some fighting, so be well prepared. Don‘t have any info about other classes quests, but i had to tank like ten aggresive plants n lure them to the mage as a knight and heal the npc while he was fighting on priest.

This is it! All quests done, all you need now is to hand over the items you‘ve got from completed quests and Rune Energy Infuser (the fully charged extractor) to Ivora Kaminsky in the Varanas Class Hall (you can give them one by one too) and receive your Arkana. Once you receive both Arkanas you can claim your level 50 elites and walk around with pride! xD
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Level 50 Elite Skills Guide
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