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 Drill Ground

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PostSubject: Drill Ground   Drill Ground EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 4:49 pm

Ok, it's not guide but there isn't any forum to talk about it.

Drill Ground is a guild building in the castle whereby we can play in 3 types of various minigames.

Quote from frogster annoucemments:
Three new mini-games: For participation in the new training-ground mini-games "Trial of the Spirit Warrior", "Needle Drill" and "Call of the Horns" players can not only earn Honour points to spend of special equipment but also receive powerful buffs that will help their guild on the way to the top.

In our castle we can play on Trial of the Spirit Warrior. It's check the reflex od player. There 9 holes where appear beavers for few secunds. We have to use special skills (we have 9 special skill, each strike to specific hole). For each succesful strike we gain 1 point. If we strike wrongly (we don't stike in time or stike in wrong hole) we lose 5 points. If we strike in the hole where appear yellow beavers (they apper 1 to 3 per 1 minute) we lose 10 points. There's 4 levels of this game (reavers will disapper faseter in next levels, and on 4 levels they will apper chaotic). We have 5 minutes. In the chat box and above reavers we will see the number form 1-9. It's the skill we have to use.

HINT: If we won't strike at all on 3 or 4 level (becose it's very hard and we don't want to lose points) we will lose 10 points in the end of level.
HINT2: You can do this game once per day.
HINT3: The level will last longer if we stire succesfully.

The best way is to set NumPad keys for extra bar skills and use two hands.

The problem is how to get these honor points. In the end of the game i can exchange points only for exp and tp. Anyone know how?
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Drill Ground
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